London, 7 February 2024 – ESTAma announces the sale of a supermarket in Ludwigshafen on instruction of the seller FIM Group, Bamberg to an institutional funds of a German insurer managed by Habona Invest and IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (INTREAL). 

The property comprises a Netto supermarket together with a Rossmann drugstore in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. The long-term and creditworthy tenant Netto Marken-Discount has a sales area of ca. 900 sqm which is a supported by a branch of the Rossmann drugstore chain with a sales area of ca. 700 sqm. The combination of these retailers enables important synergies and establishes the site as a central retail destination in a densely populated city district. The location is an integral element of urban life given is central location and excellent accessibility by foot, car or public transport through the adjacent tram terminus.  

The seller exclusively mandated ESTAma as its sales agent and transaction manager. The parties agreed to keep the purchase prices confidential.