The leasing team at Estama is responsible for implementing all relevant measures relating to leasing management. This includes new leases and contract extension, amongst other things.

We pride ourselves on working closely together with our asset and centre management teams. Core fields of activity for which our lessors are responsible include compiling research reports on selected markets and locations as well as identifying trends in demand and target groups so as to gain a precise quote of potential new tenants.
Our experts in the leasing management department create a customised mix of sectors and tenants.

Years of experience and direct contact with the top 100 retail companies in Germany makes Estama an expert and reliable partner for both lessors and tenants.
The leasing team at Estama is a partner you can rely on, particularly in regional matters. The team knows how to acquire the best (range of) tenants for each rental unit while taking local provisions into account and by proceeding in agreement with the local authorities.

The Estama leasing department is responsible for managing all aspects relevant to leasing retail property. This includes new leases as well as amendment management.
We aim to work closely with our asset and centre management department. We focus on creating research reports for specialized markets and locations as well as on identifying focus groups and new retail trends within the industry. Based on these reports, we are able to find the right peer groups for you.

Our leasing management experts work strategically on the best market and tenant mix for your business. Our highly qualified staff have plenty of experience and many contacts in the retail industry. Years of experience and our direct lines of contact to the top 100 German retail companies in the industry prove that we are a very reliable and professional business for both tenants and clients.