Property Management

The property management department is responsible for our properties on an operative and commercial level and is the link between owners, or asset management, tenants and service providers. We check all existing contracts right at the start of the process with the aim of increasing quality and reducing costs. In the process, we adjust the job profile to suit the appropriate service providers and are therefore able to provide solutions for your property that are an exact fit. Thanks to the sheer number of properties we manage, we are able to rely on a range of well established partners. Nevertheless, we always try to identify local specialists who are able to provide the skills and experience we are looking for. When it comes to standard services and utilities, we are able to rely on our established contractual partners and so can offer you great value for money.

The fact that we have branches located all over Germany means that our property managers can arrive quickly on site, allowing them to be close to the tenant and the property. They are responsible for ensuring that maintenance work and measures are carried out and that this work is monitored. They are also responsible for compiling and controlling the budget. Their activities are diverse and differ from portfolio to portfolio since every owner has different requirements. Managing a property in a performance-oriented and economically viable way is at the heart of all the work our property managers carry out.