Our team works well together and knows that diligence and transparency, besides observing legal provisions, are of primary importance. Consequently, we focus our attention on all relevant master data in particular. Master data is right at the heart of every information system. It is the database upon which your business processes are built and is retained for a long period of time.

But master data not only plays a large role within information systems. In an age of global networking between companies and supply chains, master data is also transferred into other systems, along with all of its errors, if its data quality is not suitable.

Accurate master data is crucial, therefore, when guaranteeing precise reporting processes. Master data creates the foundation for these processes.

Estama employs its own master data team which ensures that you have a basis for a reliable reporting process.

After all, data quality is a strategical success factor!

Estama’s finance and accounting department offers the following services:

  • Property bookkeeping
  • Entry level accounting capabilities including tax preparatory services
  • Service charge accounting and complaints management
  • Main accounts (compiling monthly, quarterly and/or annual statements in accordance with HGB, IFRS, USGAAP)
  • Consolidation
  • Fast close (report compiled earlier upon request, based on reliable databases)
  • Condominium Act accounting and advertising associations
  • Managing master data
  • Compiling invoices for additional expenditure and complaints management
  • Credit controlling/accounts receivable management
  • Management accounting
  • In organisation, reporting formats and information technology, we focus completely on the customers’ needs and their systems.

We guarantee to employ all of our property-related services while taking your cash-flow and return targets into account. We document all processes, promote the institutionalisation of standards and digitise all relevant documents (tenancy contracts, supplements, agreements for payment by instalment, additional expenditure invoices, purchasing and sales invoices, etc.).

Whether you need an organisational structure, a special reporting format or new software, Estama offers services that are tailored to suit your needs. We guarantee to provide you with professional services and to deliver the best results for your property by carefully taking your cash flow and financial return strategies into account. Our experts know that consistent accuracy and transparent communication processes in regards to government regulations are key factors to your success. Our teams document their activities and make constant improvements to standards. They also digitise all relevant documents such as agreements, amendments, deferred payment systems, service charges and invoices.