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Estama GmbH celebrates Hammer’s début in Berlin

Hammer, a chain of stores specialising in room design, will be opening its first specialist store in the capital on 08/05/2014. The company is based in Porta Westfalica. It already has over 180 retail outlets in Germany and would now like to establish itself on the Berlin market. Focussing on paint, wallpaper, flooring, home textiles and bathroom furnishings, the new business is located on Auguste-Viktoria-Allee 99-100 in Berlin-Reinickendorf. The outlet spans 2,500 m² and was converted at great cost so that it could be used as a specialist store by Hammer Ost GmbH. Besides just Hammer, Rad-Haus, Fressnapf and Getränke Hoffmann are also located in the complex. 11 years were agreed for the term of the rental agreement.

Estama GmbH is acting as the broker between Hammer and its lessor, Gräflich Görtzischen Liegenschaftverwaltung. Frank Pavlovic, head of leasing at Estama, explains: “We are very pleased that we have been able to accompany the opening of the first Hammer store in Berlin. We wish Hammer success at its new location and hope it lives up to its expectations. A long-term partnership between Hammer and Estama sees them working together at various locations in Germany.